Hexvade Version T.004 is out now!


As always, I highly recommend you read the README.txt provided to give you an overview of the game and its controls.

Changelog from T.003 is as follows:

+ Overhauled the powerup system for the platformer, they now have an item-style system instead of the time-based charging. Pick up item boxes to gain a random item and then press Left Shift (or LT on controller) to use.
    > All previous platformer powerups are now items
+ Added a damage system to tiles. If a tile gets too damaged, it will break.
+ Added fire, which damages tiles over time and spreads to adjacent tiles if a tile that is on fire is destroyed. Put out fires by placing blocks on top of them.
+ Added 3 new items (Earthquake, Mine, Lightning)
    > Earthquake damages roughly half of the blocks by a random amount
    > Mines are placed down and remain there until a piece lands on top of them. They explode when this happens.
    > Lightning causes lightning to spawn above the player, snaking its way to the ground. It will destroy a couple of tiles and cause blocks to set on fire.
+ The platformer now uses their item by pressing Left Shift (or LT on controller), the Space bar (or B on controller) is now for firing a basic gun. This gun damages tiles and has ammo that regenerates at 1 shot per second, up to a maximum of 8 shots.
+ Tweaked platformer movement slightly, which fixed some collision bugs and made climbing up walls easier
+ The platformer now starts the game with a shield, which works the same as the "Shield" item but the effect is always active. The shield can be broken by either absorbing three hits from the falling piece or when the dropper clears any amount of lines
+ Dropper can now just hold the left and right keys to move instead of spamming the button/analogue stick (though spamming still works, if you prefer that)
+ Added another new song by Loeder!
+ Increased game timer to 2 minutes and 30  seconds
> 3 and 4 player modes are being pushed back as I feel it'd be a better choice if I were to implement 1 player modes and also online play before delving into more players.
> T.005 will be improving the gameplay for the Dropper as I feel it is stale compared to the platformers gameplay at the moment.

As always, please send all feedback to me at hexvade@gmail.com - people who give good feedback (and also give me their name) will be credited in the games credits starting from the next version :)

I hope you all enjoy!