Hexvade Version T.003 is out now!


As always, I highly recommend you read the README.txt provided to give you an overview of the game and its controls.

Changelog from T.002 is as follows:

+ Added controller support! Press 'Select' on the main menu to become platformer or 'Start' to become dropper
    > Platformer controls: Left stick to move, A to jump, B to use powerup
    > Dropper controls: Left stick to move, LT and RT to rotate, B to use powerup
+ New music! Removed the bad song I made and replaced with a great song by Loeder! (Listen here) - More to come!
+ Platformer now starts the game with 1 charge for their active powerup
+ Added 'Shield' (platformer active powerup) - If used within a half a second of being crushed, it will save you and destroy tiles around you, and can even destroy the currently falling piece! 
+ Added 'Warp' (platformer active powerup) - When used the first time, it will create a warp point. When used a second time, you will warp to that point and the point will be destroyed.
    > You only consume a charge when warping, not when placing the point. Warp point can also be destroyed by anything solid (falling pieces, terrain, etc.)
+ Changed 'Bomb' to 'Rocket' to make it a more viable powerup. You now have a missile that fires in a straight line in the same direction you are holding on the have held down at the time of use
+ Changed 'Spring' to 'Platform' to make it a more viable powerup. It now creates a floating platform mid-air that can be stood on. It is destroyed by falling pieces.
+ Added 'Slam' (dropper active powerup) - When used, it sends the platformer straight down from their current position. Best used on an airborne opponent. Uses 2 charges
+ Player now has two jumps that can be used whenever, as opposed to one jump on the ground and one jump in the air.
+ Made riding on pieces much easier and less accidentally lethal
+ Platformer can now change their colour on the main menu by using Q and E on keyboard or the X and Y buttons on a controller
+ Added some work-in-progress fun settings (Press G on main menu, expect these to be extra buggy and possibly not fun yet)
+ Added 'Credits' page (Press C on main menu)
+ New logo!
- Reduced game timer from 3 minutes to 2 minutes
- Reduced time between platformer charges from 30 seconds to 25 seconds
* Fixed bug where you'd clip inside the triangle piece
* Fixed bug where the player could lose the game without dying
(Bonus info: 3 and 4 player support will be coming in either T.004 or T.005!)

As always, please send all feedback to me at hexvade@gmail.com - people who give good feedback (and also give me their name) will be credited in the games credits starting from the next version :)

I hope you all enjoy!